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Pastor's Corner

Our Pastor...................

                                                                                    Rev. Keith Dunn

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         Our Mission Statement................

           To Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and bring people into a saving
           relationship with him.

           To Nurture the spiritual growth of the congregation and:

           To Serve as Christ would in meeting the spiritual and physical needs
           of our community and world.

                                                                    Pastor's Page
Dear Friends,

     Greetings in the name of Jesus!  You may have heard it said, "If you dont have your health, you have nothing".  Being healthy is a blessing.  It is something that many of us take for granted until illness or injury happen.  When health problems personally impact us, we are reminded how important good health is.
    Belmont Church is active in ministries that promote health and healing.  Many of the requests for prayer in worship and on our prayer chain are for healing.  Our annual Health Fair promotes healthy living and provides shots to prevent the spread of influenza.   Our Wellness Committee provides information promoting good health on the bulletin boards in the small and large fellowship halls.  There will be a new feature in this month's Steeple called "Wellness Corner", which will be a monthly article promoting good health and nutrition.
    Concern for good health goes beyond our local church.  Improving health globally is one of the 5 Areas of Focus of our annual conference.  As a denomination, the United Methodist Church has been a key player in fighting diseases such as malaria and promoting initiatives that improve well-being.  The church has raised $75 million to provide education, infrastructure, communication, and prevention to fight malaria.   The death rate from malaria in Africa has been cut in half through international efforts such as this.  The new "Abundant Health" campaign is focused on reaching one million children with lifesaving interventions such as immunization, quality health care and access to clean water.  Children everywhere need protection from disease and access to treatment.
     As a congregation in Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church, we are committed to the following 5 areas of focus:

                                         Developing principled Christian leaders
                                       Creating new and renewed congregations.
                                               Engaging in ministry to the poor.
                                                        Dismantling Racism

Over the past several months, our Church Council has adopted goals for each of these areas.  Our chruch is committed to fulfilling these goals as a way of reaching our community and world for Jesus Christ.  Please join me in praying for our church as we seek to grow in these areas.

                                                                                                       Pastor Keith


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