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                                                                    Pastor's Page
Dear Friends,
      As we enter the summer months, things tend to slow down here at Belmont.  So many people travel during the summer and spend time in outdoor fun before we are all confined to the house again during our Johnstown winters.
      However, I would like for you to keep some things in mind and prayerfully consider for the upcoming fall and winter months.  Last winter we had an excellent spiritual formation class in which the participants learned of different spiritual disciplines; such as, how to read the Bible in a more impactful way, praying the psalms, the joy of silence before God, and many more.  Those who have adopted at least one of the disciplines we learned about have commented that their walk with God is richer and they feel closer to God.  that was the aim of the class and I am gratified that some have experienced a warmer and more intimate walk with God as a result of taking that class.  The author of the book we read, L. Roger Owens, even came and joined us for worship and fellowship one Sunday.
       One of the Five Areas of Focus we are encouraged to concentrate on as a church is the development of principled Christian leaders.  The follow-up to the spiritual formation class will be a class that will help us all be stronger leaders in the church we are all called to serve.  We are going to use as a source book by Kevin M Watson entitled "The Class Meeting".  In this very interesting book Watson describes what he thinks caused the decline in our modern-day Methodist churches and how returning to or foundational practices (the things Methodists did that caused them to explode in membership) will cause many to come to Christ and fill our pews with devoted Christian men, women, and families.  My hope is that our classroom will be filled to overflowing for this class.  BTW:you do not have to have attended the spiritual class as a prerequisite for taking this class.  Everyone interested in putting more excitement into their faith journey is welcomed.
      The next thing I would ask you to consider in enrolling your middle schoolers in Confirmation class.  Research has revealed that young people in the 6th-8th grade begin to move from concrete thinking to abstract thinking, so this is the perfect time for their thinking to be directed toward discipleship.  Those middle school years are when they begin to make lifelong decisions.  It is an ideal time to learn about our Methodist roots, our Christian values, and how to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, and to consider whether they wish to become a member of our church.  If your child is older than middle-school age, but has not been confirmed they are most welcomed to take this class, as well.  I have taught this curriculum to adults who simply have the desire to learn all the great things our confirmands learn during their time of preparation.  The class will be held during the Sunday School hour.  If your child has not been baptized, we will make arrangements to have him/her baptized before their confirmation.
       Look for more details regarding these two important opportunities as summer draws to a close.  In the meantime, have a great summer, but please don't take a vacation from church. We love and miss you when you are not hear.
       Now may the grace of the Father and the love of the Son and communion of the Holy Spirit abide upon you this day and everyday unto the ages and ages to come!

Grace and Peace,
                                                                                               Pastor Jean


                     Pastor Jean Smith                                         Wayne and Pastor Jean Smith
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