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Leadership Groups

                                                                       Church Trustees
          Standing L to R: Larry Bailey, Kevin Lehman, Cheryl Sabol, and Kevin Balog
            Seated L to R:  Pastor Jean Smith, Mel Hofecker, and Chairperson, Jim Lees
                        Not Present:  Gloria Kiser, Jay Adams, & Judy Burnworth

                                       Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC)
        Standing: Roger Fisher, Kevin Balog, Rick Marsh, Chairperson, Brian Lehman, Ron Custer
                 Seated:  Sue Strohm, Parveen Nathaniel, Pastor Jean Smith, Pattie Bailey



                                                          Finance Committee

                                                         Memorial Committee
                        Standing:  Bev Hofecker, Pastor Jean Smith, Parveen Nathaniel
                        Seated: Gracee Grajtek, Jan Marsh,  Chairperson, Roger Luther


  Audo Visual Team:  Standing: Brenda Burnosky, Charles Deitke, Tiffany Burnosky, Kevin Bernosky
                                                             Seated"  Mel Hofecker
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